Today, I went to a Pilates class for the first time and also went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years. Both went well. But my shoulders are rolled forward a bit which I want to sort out so that I have less chance of having back trouble when I’m older than I am now.

I read Call of the Wild by Jack London and fell in love with it in the sun. It reminded me of the novels about animals my dad used to buy me when I was a kid. Definitely up there with those books I hold dear already.

I also had a really hot Space-Girl Lush (as documented) bath which smelt like Palma Violets, before taking some good clear photos of my legs for my step-sister to draw part of for an exhibition she’s got coming up. I’ll be interested to see how she uses them.

It’s my brother’s 27th birthday today so I went round to his and his wife’s house for dinner, which was pretty tasty. They both seemed pretty happy and my brother and I got on well.

I’m now about to go to sleep listening to A.A. Bondy, thinking about driving and TW, who’s riding home from work, 100 miles away from me. I love waking up next to him.